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Friends of Fenway

Friends of Fenway

The 2009 – 2010 Friends of Fenway is a special group of dedicated supporters who contributed to the Annual Fund at levels up to $1,339 from July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010.


$750 - $1,339
Anonymous (2)
Rafael A. Altieri, MD
Bonnie A. Brescia and
   Jeanette Poillon
Lance Brisbois and
   Adam Leveille
Joyce L. Collier and
   Jennifer Potter, MD
David R. Cormier
James and  
   Jane Cottrell
James R. Cottrell, Jr. and
   Harriet A. Otis
Catherine D'Amato
Thomas P. Evans
James Gardner
Bettyanne Geiger
Stewart F. Grossman
Michelle C. Gubitosa and  
   Rebecca Willson
Dirk Herbert
Roberta Kety, Esq. and
   Susie Stroud
William W. Kimball
Stephanie S. Lovell
Robbie J. Meitler
Brian T. Mitchell
Daniel S. Newton and  
   Christopher L. Flynn
Sara and
   Jonathan Nyberg
Shawn R. Perreault
Lisa Perricone
Tina M. Pittore
Brett W. Randolph
Rachel D. Reisman
Kathleen and
   David Roberts
Karen and
   Michael Rotenberg
John Sanford
William S. Shaw, PhD, PE and
   Paul Silva
Michelle and
   Scott Shonbeck
Stone Soup Fund
Henry K. Vandermark
Lee and
   Ray Wareham
Mark D. Williams
Li J. Yu
Laura Zimmerman

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$500 - $749
Anonymous (5)
Anne Barrett
Ruth A. Barron, MD and
   Jennifer Leaning, MD
Dennis Berganza
Carl Beuchert
Dr. Joshua S. Boger and
   Dr. Amy Schafer Boger
Jeffrey N. Carp
Roger M. Carter
Mayor David N. Cicilline
Alexandra Clayman
Sheila and
   Herbert Collins
Roberta A. Demasi
Richard C. Druyetis
William and
   Susan Eisen
Kate Farb-Johnson
Raymond Faulkner and
   Carlos M. Terra
Malcolm J. Flynn
John Forcier
Lewis and
   Helene Gack
Ann Garvin and
   Linda Sughrue
Julie Gray
Patrick D. Harkins
Shawn M. Hartman and
   Scott E. Squillace, Esq.
James G. Herman and
   David H. Mason
Earl W. Hinton
William Hodgins
Diane and
   Thomas Hollister
Catherine W. Johnson and
   M. Lisa McHam, MD
Ralph and
   Harriett Kaplan
Stephen D. Kauffman
Wiley Kite
Dr. and
   Mrs. Herbert J. Levine
Cheryl Lieteau
William J. Lynch and
   Robert P. Gallagher
Lucy G. Mack
James Materese and
   Gregory Walker, MD
Michael E. McHugh
Stephen V. Miller, Atty.
John Milligan
Robert F. Monaco
Philip A. Nardone, Jr.
Joan Parker
Eric Perkins, PhD
Katherine Perrelli
Vernon A. Perry
Michael J. Piore and
   Rodney L. Yoder
James and
   Sharon Quarles
Ralph P. Quezada
Frederick M. Ramos and
   Robert J. Starmer
Jeffrey T. Ranahan
Joseph T. Realmuto, Jr.
Michael L. Reney and
   Alexander Cruz
Michael Richards
Harold & Linda Schwartz Fund,
   a Donor Advised Fund of Combined
   Jewish Philanthropies
Robert Mark Selby
Dr. and Mrs. and Andrew P. Selwyn
Robin and
   Elaine Sheets
Katherine C. Spokes and
   Anne M. Drolet
Donald E. Strange
Edward P. Travers, II
Donald G. Tye
Nicholas Van Alstine
Patricia and
   Edward Viveiros
Carolyn Walden
Michael J. Whalen and
   John Glynn
Joanne Wooldridge
Richard Yurko and
   Robert Leary

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These lists reflect donors, volunteers and supporters from July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010.

$250 - $499
Anonymous (4)
Gerald and
   Corinne Adler
Alicia D. and
Laurence and
Mikki Ansin
Stuart Armstrong II
Adaora Asala
M. Barusch
Dr. Stefano Basagni
Sheryl Battit
Allison F. Bauer and
   Marie A. Longo
Robert R. Beck
Michael Bezreh
Kevin Bleyle
Anthony J. Bonaiuto
Daniel Borges
John Bosco and
   Kevin P. Walsh
Paul J. Boujoulian and
   Joseph Quirk
Richard K. Braun
David J. Brown
Sylvain Bruni
Helen and
   Steven Burns
Sheriff and
  Andrea J. Cabral
Cynthia Cahill and
   Sally Rodriguez
Lance Collins
Robert D. Compton, DDS and
   David L. Wilson
Steven G. Connolly
Peter B. Coughlin
F. Paul Crawford
Julie Crockford and
   Sheridan Haines
Guy Croteau
Ryan W. Cunningham
John P. Cupples
Jeffrey B. Curbo
Barry DeCosta
Ronald G. DiBiase
Sarah Dunagan
Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, MD
Lee W. Ellenberg
Alice Fisher
Dana E. Floyd
Carnell Freeman
Barry A. Friswold
Julia Gaggin
Marie E. Gaines
Lucas Garofalo and
   Jeffrey D. Swanson
Thomas L. Geraty and
   Stuart T. Walker
Chuck Giovaniello
Lisa M. Gonsalves and
   Diane E. Pullen
Susan E. Grim
Hannah Grove
Holly Gunner and
   Anne Palms Chalmers
John D. Hancock and
   John F. Wood
Brynn and
   Catherine Hart
K. Scott Heidemann and
   Diane Ellaborn
Daniel Heller
Eric Hipp and
   John P. Morrill
Sheilah M. Hoelscher and
   Melissa A. Stockbridge
Mary Hollingworth
Dennis Hong
Sheryl Howard
Ian W. Johnson
James C. Kaddaras
Peter M. Kelley
Michelle Kennedy
Peter A. Lans and
  Andrew S. Lantz
Scot LeTourneau and
   Michael Yeung
Ruth J. Lizak
Cynthia M. Locke
Reverend Jack Lottey and
   Frances Lottey
Ashley Lucas
Carla and
   Rebecca Marshall-Waggett
Kevin T. McCue
Michael McDermott, III and
   Paul B. Reinert
Benjamin McGuire and
   Joshua Janson
Sherry McLenon
Stephen R. Mehrtens and
   Leigh Jay Tucker
Carolyn Melita
Myron Miller
Sara and
   Robyn Misiano
Oswald Mondejar and
   John Verlinden
Mark D. Moody and
   Gwen Z. Acton
Stephen F. Moran
John P. Morgan
Kent E. Newton
Peter A. Niemitz and
   Paul Gaucher
William M. O'Connell
Dr. Patrick B. O'Neal
Richard D. Ortner
Scott C. Oshana
The Parritz Foundation
Rita Paul and
   Cheryl Drummond
Grant Paulsen
Thomas D. Penque
Taice and
   Chris Perrotti
Kelvin Powell
Caitlin R. Quigley
Patricia Raney, MD
Wendy and
   Robert Reasenberg
Susan Roberts
Jessica Rosenthal
Peter Sadow
Ewuniki Sanders
Thomas J. Santaniello
Frank E. Schiano, DMD
Alan G. Schwartz
Nancy S. Segal
John W. Simpson
Kurt A. Slye, MD
Woody Smith
Kathy Spellman
Audrey Beth Stein
Melissa A. Stockbridge and
   Sheilah M. Hoelscher
Rik and
   Damaris Tamm-Daniels
Bernie Toale and
   Joe Zina
Gustavo Torrez
Geoffrey Tuba
Guale Valdez
Penny Viator, MD and
   Nanette C. Demonteverde, DMD
Kevin P. Walsh and
   John Bosco
Don Warren
Richard A. Wilmot, MD
Joblin C. Younger

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